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Scrap Car Recycling for Brentwood

Scrap cars constitute an integral part of Britain’s metal recycling industry, which is worth over £5.6bn a year. Our scrap my car service in Brentwood is licenced by the Environment Agency to recycle metals we accrue in the line of duty. On this page we thought we’d provide more information on why it’s so important we do recycle metal in scrap cars.



But Why Recycle Metals?



More motorists around Brentwood are becoming environmentally conscious and looking to reduce their carbon footprint by using a cash for my car service. Old and damaged cars are often highly fuel inefficient. By selling a scrap car, you help save energy, natural resources and CO2 emission that would otherwise be involved in the creation of cars from brand new metal. In fact, around 200m tons of CO2 emissions are avoided each year thanks to the worldwide scrap metal industry, which recycles around 400m tonnes of metal over the same period of time.



Recycling metal also benefits many British companies, many of which are located in and around the Brentwood area. The scrap my car industry is just one part of scrap metal recycling, one of the country’s largest manufacturing sectors. It employs more people and is worth more to our economy than the aerospace and motor industries put together! In 2005, 13m tonnes of metal was recycled here. Around 40% was used domestically and 60% was exported. So if you have an old scrap car you need rid of, not only will you be helping the environment by bringing it to a “cash for my car” company like our own, but you’ll be contributing to an essential part of the local Brentwood and wider UK economy.

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