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First time using a scrap my car service in Braintree? Here are some tips for making the most of it!



Tips for Scrap Car First-Timers in Braintree


Cash in Your Tax Disc – Before we collect your vehicle, remove its tax disc and post it off to the DVLA, which will issue you a tax refund. It’s best to do this before the start of a new month, as if they receive your tax disc on the 2nd or 3rd of the month, for example, you will not be refunded that month’s tax. If a Braintree scrap car company claims your tax disc shouldn’t be removed and will be included in the value of your vehicle, walk away! Scrap cars’ tax discs should never be included in quotes.



There are many “cash for my car” service providers who aren’t registered with the DVLA or licenced by the Environment Agency. These companies are operating illegally, and often ignore important regulation which looks to safeguard the environment. If you’re looking to sell a scrap car in the Braintree area, be sure it’s with an above-board scrap my car company, like our own.



It’s worth researching the current value of scrap cars where you’re located. The average price paid for scrap cars fluctuates, dependant on the current value of scrap metal and how competitive the local industry is currently. Do some research online and find out how much fellow motorists around Braintree have been getting for their scrap cars. You may want to wait a few weeks and see if the price goes up. On the contrary, you may want to sell ASAP to take advantage of recent price growth.



If you’re looking to scrap your car with our cash for my car service near Braintree, don’t remove parts from it prior to calling us. Doing so could cause its value to plummet. In 2013, the average price of scrap cars sold was £147.54. Removing a vehicle’s engine depreciates its value by an average of £67.50. Removing its wheels before calling in a scrap my car service will take off a further £40, while the catalytic converter and battery will knock off £30 and £10 respectively. To ensure you get a good price for your car, avoid tampering with it before calling our scrap car company near Braintree.

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